About SKYNET Broadcasting

SKYNET Broadcasting is produced by the Skyline High School RTVF Departrment.  Skyline High School RTVF is a four year Career Magnet Program in which students learn all aspects of the Radio, Television, & Film Industries.  Courses include: Principles of Audio and Visual Technology, Visual Production 1&2, Practicum in Visual Technology, Digital Audio Technology 1&2, and Digital Communication in the 21st Century.

The Skyline Scoop is a live television broadcast reaching over 5000 viewers daily.

SKYNET Radio will be broadcast 24/7 and will be comprised of 20 on air shifts per week.

SKYNET Podcasts will be available every week.

Skyline High School
RTVF Department
7777 Forney Rd.
Studio G51
Dallas, Texas 75227