About SKYNET Broadcasting

SKYNET Broadcasting is produced by the Skyline High School RTVF Departrment.  Skyline High School RTVF is a four year Career Magnet Program in which students learn all aspects of the Radio, Television, & Film Industries.  Courses include: Principles of Audio and Visual Technology, Visual Production 1&2, Practicum in Visual Technology, and Digital Audio Technology 1&2.

The Skyline Scoop is a live television broadcast reaching over 5000 viewers daily.

SKYNET Radio is broadcast 24/7 and is comprised of 20 on air shifts per week.

Skyline High School<br>
RTVF Department<br>
7777 Forney Rd.<br>
Studio G51<br>
Dallas, Texas 75227

Skyline High School
RTVF Department
7777 Forney Rd.
Studio G51
Dallas, Texas 75227