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Dallas ISD 2021/2022 Magnet Application

Radio, TV, & Film Cluster

Skyline RTVF offers a comprehensive 4 year program that covers every aspect of the Broadcast Communications Industry.  Skyline RTVF is the Magnet Cluster choice for all students who would like to work in the Broadcast Radio, Television, Film, Podcasting, Live Audio Production, Studio Audio Production, or Social Media Production career field.

Industry Certifications offered in RTVF

Adobe Certified Associate - Digital Video Using Adobe Premiere Pro 

Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web. Powerful tools allow you to edit footage to perfection and share stories with the world. 

Adobe Certified Associate certification demonstrates proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro and foundational video editing skills.


Professional Broadcast Industry Knowledge Learned in RTVF

Video production

—Develop advanced directing techniques 

—Learn advanced post-production editing techniques 

—Identify and learn producer responsibilities in creative programs

-Broadcast Television (work on Skyline High School's own Broadcast Television Station)

-Podcasting (produce your own podcast for worldwide dissemination)

Audio Production 

-Music production (from single instrument to full band) (you can graduate with your own fully produced music album) 

-Voice over production 

-Broadcast Radio production (work on Skyline High School's own Broadcast Radio Station)

Production of narrative media 

—Learn major theories for producing narrative media 

—Develop skills needed for the production and management of narrative media from concept through exhibition 

—Learn major theories for directing feature length narrative media


—Create and develop a treatment of components of a full length screenplay or teleplay 

—Write and revise components of a full length screenplay or teleplay 

Multimedia aesthetics 

—Identify aesthetic dimensions of television, film, and digital media 

Film and media author studies 

—Examine film and media art from the point of it’s authorial creation 

—Identify the work of specific directors, screenwriters, and producers

Video Verite and Documentary Pre-Production 

—Examine the development of the verite style in documentary production 

—Outline the history of verite style in detail 

—Identify the use of verite style in reality television, fiction media, and television drama 

—Select subjects, research ideas, write proposals, scout locations, and develop funding and budgeting for documentary production

Media Economics 

—Analyze the economic aspects of the media industries, including film, television, and related media

Ethical decision making in the media 

—Examine ethical questions and dilemmas faced by today's journalists and other media practitioners 

—Implement and use an effective ethical decision-making process in relation to media production

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